CCCHR Mission

To achieve maximum benefit from research for children, youth and families in Canada and around the world.

CCCHR Priorities

  • Promote multidisciplinary/trans-disciplinary approaches to child and youth health research and research
  • training
  • Encourage the continued development of existing and new networks and partnerships relevant to child and youth health research
  • Promote opportunities for sharing of infrastructure and research platforms, in order to build capacity in Canadian child and youth research
  • Foster the exchange of research discoveries and translation into practice and policy to improve child and youth health in Canada and beyond our borders

In our role as a national advocate for child health research in Canada, the CCCHR works in close collaboration with a larger coalition of organizations concerned with child health issues, including all seventeen children’s hospitals in Canada, the Paediatric and Surgical Chairs of Canada, community paediatricians, families, and an innovative Canada-wide clinician scientist training program. This coalition also includes a research network focused on maximizing clinical research capacity in child health across Canada, which was created by the CCCHR and the larger coalition. 

Collaboration builds capacity and optimizes resources. Coordinated collaboration between hospitals and researchers is essential to optimize research resources and generate new knowledge that will lead to improvements in child health in Canada. Initiatives include collaborative research projects between basic and clinical researchers to foster the discovery of new interventional techniques, sharing of new technologies, pooling data to assure statistically relevant results, and validation of new therapies through multi-centre trials. CCCHR fosters effective networking between researchers and research centres, to promote child and youth health research, education and training.

Collaboration leverages our strengths. Canada’s child health research centres house some of the most innovative and productive scientists in the world. Our researchers cover the spectrum from basic research into genetics, molecular and cellular biology to clinical and population based research. They are poised to deliver improvements in clinical care and population health, and have the potential to improve children’s health throughout Canada and around the world. The CCCHR is providing a window for scientific collaboration, both nationally and internationally, and will seek synergies that will lead to greater impacts and improvements in child health.

Collaboration ensures inclusion and access of all. The population of Canadian children is geographically dispersed. Progress in most clinical and population studies will be made only through collaborative efforts. The CCCHR is working to create an environment in which a child in remote rural areas or the northern reaches of Canada is as likely to receive the benefits of involvement in child health research as is a child in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. In everything that we do, CCCHR respects the vision, mission, goals and objectives of partner organizations.